Forthill out of School Club (SC036248)


The fee level is set by the Management Committee and is reviewed annually, in May. The Management Committee carryout a financial sustainability survey at this time to ensure that the fees meet the expenditure the club incurs.

The current fee levels are set at:

Term Time Morning £3.75
Term Time Afternoon £9.00
Holiday ½ Day (AM or PM) £9.50
Holiday Full Day £19.00

Full week sessions will cost:

Morning Sessions £18.75
Afternoon Sessions £42.50
Morning & Afternoon £61.25
Holiday ½ Days £47.50
Holiday Full Days £95.00

Annually you will also be charged a membership fee. This covers the costs of re-registration each year and costs of governance, e.g. insurance, Care Commission fees etc.

This fee is currently set at:

Full Membership £15.00
Holiday Membership £15.00

This fee is charged per child and the Membership year is July to June. A reduced fee will be charged for children who start the club after Christmas each year.

The fee structure is reviewed in June for implementation from the first week of the summer holidays each year.


Fees are due on a monthly basis and you will be issued an invoice which details what sessions you are due to attend each week and what the total amount due is. This will be given to you at the start of each month.

If you have booked extra sessions throughout the month these will be invoiced separately.

Fees should be paid in advance within the first week of the month. of your child/children attending the club. All invoices must be paid in full.

Payment Methods

Fees can be paid in a number of ways which include:

Payment can be made direct into our bank account. The details of this are:

Sort Code: 83-18-33
Account Number: 00278947

Please advise a senior member of staff when you make a payment into this account either verbally or via email.

Childcare vouchers if provided by your employer allow to pay for some or all of your childcare without paying tax or National Insurance which can save you up to £1,195 per year. The club accepts childcare vouchers from a number of providers however if your employer uses one that is not listed please speak to the Club Manager who will assist you. All you require is our reference number to link your account with ours and this is usually straightforward to set up.

Currently the club is registered with a number of providers and there numbers are below:

Eden Red: P20110080
Computashare: 00024594
Care 4: 13612391
Imagine (Co-op): 85002322
Kiddivouchers: contact directly
Sodexho: 167678

If you wish more information on this please talk to the Manager and to find out if you are eligible through your work contact your employer.

Child Tax Credit

You may be able to claim Child Tax Credit to help with the childcare costs you incur with a registered childcare provider. This must be claimed for by you to receive it. For more information please visit or phone the helpline on 08453003900.

If you are eligible for this you will be required to provide the full address and Care Inspectorate registration number of the club which is CS2003000699

Funding Body

If you are studying there may be funds available to pay for all or part of your childcare costs. Information should be obtained from the college/university you are attending. The club are happy to complete any forms and assist as required.

Debt Management

The debt management procedure for parent(s)/carer(s) is as follows:

  1. All parent(s)/carer(s) who have invoices outstanding at the end of the second last week of the month will be reminded verbally by the Manager/Supervisor during the final week of the month. Additional reminders by text and email will follow if payment is still outstanding nearing the due date.
  2. If payment is still outstanding by the end of the second week of the following month a formal letter will be issued from the club Manager requesting payment within 14 days. The letter will state that failure to make payment within the allotted time will result in the matter being referred to the Management Committee.
  3. Where a referral is made to the management committee the secretary will write to the parent(s)/carer(s) insisting a payment is made within 5 days. The letter will also highlight that failure to make the payment within the allotted time will result in the child/childrenâ??s places being cancelled and the services of a debt collecting agency being sought.
  4. If the parent(s)/carer(s) make the payment at this time no further action will be taken, however a full record will be kept for future reference and any reoccurrence may result in the cancellation of the child/childrenâ??s place.
  5. If the parent(s)/carer(s) fails to make the payment a letter will be sent by the Chairperson of the management committee explaining that the child/childrenâ??s place(s) at the club will be terminated and the date this comes into effect.