Forthill out of School Club (SC036248)

Our Website was officially published in 2008. We have tried to provide an online service for parents and carers who use the out of school club. This online service allows parents/carers to easily view some of our policies, gather general information about the club and its services, view our staff members along with forms which can be filled in online.

If you are having difficulty finding something your looking for take a look at our Site Map for a list of our website links. If what you are looking for does not seem to be included in our website please feel free to contact us for the information.

Who designed our website? Our website was designed by Steven Bruce. Yes, the one that works at the club.

Our website is best viewed in Internet Explorer 6 or higher or most versions of FireFox.
Please report any bugs/errors/broken pages you may find on the site using our on site email service. Thank you.