Forthill out of School Club (SC036248)


The club aspires to offer the best care and aims to ensure the highest standards are being met. In order to achieve these high standards the club will constantly evaluate the quality of the provision with the aim of improving the service. Both self evaluation and external evaluations examine the club's performance, achievements, standards and good practice used and will identify areas in need of improvement and development to ensure the highest quality of care.

The club will actively involve service users in evaluation on an on-going basis. The methods involved include:

Download and have a look at our latest evaluations and action plans.

External Evaluation

In addition to self-evaluation the Care Inspectorate evaluate and monitor our performance and quality of care. During the Inspection the Care Inspectorate will evaluate our service in relation to Quality Themes and statements and provide a report which is available in the club and can the latest report can be downladed below.

For further information please visit the Care Inspectorate website: